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        leading-edge corporations

        and service providers


        A simply outstanding scalable carrier class secure email server

        Fast, Robust, Secure

        SurgeMail is one of the fastest, most robust, fully-featured email secure server out on the market today that supports all the standards and protocols. With thousands of our mail servers installed, our software is serving hundreds of thousands of webmail accounts around the world.

        Easy to manage and install

        SurgeMail is an advanced secure easy to manage and install high performance email secure server using fast browser based administration tools. Surgemail includes user and domain self administration.

        Cross platform support

        All surgemail features are supported on Windows (all recent versions), Linux (32bit and 64bit), OSX (ppc and intel), Solaris (sparc and intel), freebsd (various versions). Simple to switch from one platform to another.

        Modern features

        Modern features and protocols including: Live Mirroring, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MTA-STS etc...

        Advanced spam prevention and virus filtering

        Surgemail mail server provides seven level spam and virus protection. The most effective spam prevention techniques are supported including SPF, RBL, challenge-response, white listing and hundreds of other options.

        Unlimited users and domains

        Surgemail email servers are scalable to an unlimited number of users or domains. Surgemail's efficiency mean tens of thousands of users can be supported even on very modest hardware.

        Brand new SurgeWeb Ajax / Web2 web email interface

        A fast, efficient and customisable web email interface. Using advanced Web 2.0 / Ajax mechanisms this web interface provides the speed and ease of use normally only seen in a local email client.

        Groupware support

        Optional blogs, forums, instant messaging, calendar, file sharing and chat room modules.

        Unparalleled technical support

        Great technical support and a very helpful user munity. Read the mailing list for more information, but often features will be implemented and ready to use a matter of days after someone has posted a new feature suggestion!

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        Wow! surgemail ROCKS!!! :) I have setup surgemail as a bastion host for 5 of our primary domains. We tried every other mail server out there trying to find something that works and that could keep up with our mail throughput.

        I'm BLOWN AWAY by just how good Surgemail is! It is processing hundreds of thousands of messages per day and scanning every one for viruses with RAV and giving each one a SmiteCRC spamdetect score. The dual PIII 1Ghz server is only using 1-5% CPU with spikes to 20-30% and only 150MB out of 2GB!!! Amazing.

        If you are looking for a reliable and FAST mail server, BUY SURGEMAIL!

        -- Robert Boyle - Tellurian Networks - The Ultimate Internet Connection


        SurgeMail spam filtering for existing mail servers!

        Working with your existing mail server, get the benefits of SurgeMail's spam blocking, virus scanning and filtering features.


        Fast AJAX web email for existing mail servers!

        Use the fast, efficient SurgeWeb web email interface with your existing mail server to allow users acceses to email from anywhere.


        SurgeFTP™ 2.3

        High speed secure SSL/TLS FTP server

        Simple Web Administration

        Our secure FTP server features, remote web administration, emailed activity reports and status page (see uptime, connections etc).

        Define group access rules

        Multiple User Classes per Domain (different rules for different users). Individual limits or group limits. Access rights for each directory. Quota control.

        Authent Modules

        Use the OS user database, or surgeftp's native user database or an external one. Authentication Modules for LDAP, SQL, ODBC, Radius, nwauth.

        SSL security and RFC pliant

        Secure FTP server software with data and passwords protected by full SSL/TLS encryption. Full RFC pliance. RFC 2389, RFC 959, RFC 2428 draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-12 and draft-murray-auth-ftp-ssl-06


        Limit load and hacking attempts with various limits and built in mechanisms

        Cross Platform Support

        Our advanced FTP software features full SSL/TLS security for Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Windows, including ftp server Windows 7.

        Uninstall instructions for all products

        Terms of Service/EULA


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